Use a Circular Saw With Guide Rail – Video Guide

Circular Saw With Guide Rail

If you need an accurate and perfect cut with your circular saw then using the circular saw with guide rail is the best choice. You need to know how to adjust the guide rail with a circular saw. For better understanding, you can read my read my this article where I tried to explain more about guide rail for a circular saw. There are lots of advantages using guide rail. But if you can’t adjust it properly then the outcome will be zero. You have to know about guide rib, splinter shield, slide coating, and other things. Using the circular saw with guide rail is not a rule here. But it’s easier and comfortable for working. Attaching the guide rail with proper clamps, mount on both side properly, fix the grip of the rail and lots of facts need to know. Toolstop creates this excellent video about how to use a circular saw with guide rail properly. If you watch this video, it will clear your concepts. So look at the video now and get to know more about it.

Video Source and Credit – Toolstop

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