Types of Weighing Scales in the Construction Industry

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Weighing scales are an integral part of the construction industry. Every construction site is rugged and harsh. This makes it necessary to have the right type of weighing system that can produce accurate results.

Let’s see which weighing scales can be used in the construction industry.

7 Types of Weighing Scales a Construction Business Can Use

  • Floor Scales

Industrial Floor scales are heavy-duty weighing equipment used for light or heavy load weighing. These scales sit on the flooring surface or are incorporated into the flooring, making the scales level with the ground.

Floor scales are durable and rugged. The weighing surface of the scale is available in many dimensions and surface materials. Floor scales can withstand heavy-duty weights with ease.

They provide accurate and reliable measurements. You can reduce the chances of revenue loss that can be a result of inaccurate weighing. 

  • Crane Scales

Crane scales perform two functions at the same time:

  • Pick up heavy objects
  • Determine their weight

The modern crane scales have features that make weighing the loads easier, faster and more efficient. They have rechargeable batteries and LCD/LED displays that show accurate readings.

Crane scales are available in different sizes: compact, medium and heavy duty. These scales can lift weights from one ton to two hundred and fifty tons.

They also have a warning signal as a safety feature. The signal gets triggered when the predetermined weight is exceeded.

Since the construction industry requires heavy lifting, crane scales are an excellent asset to have.

  • On-Board Weighing Scales

The on-board weighing scales are compatible with any loading system once they are configured correctly.

They are specifically designed to handle loads of varying weights and material types. On-board weighing scales are durable and sturdy, thus making them ideal to use in the construction industry.

They give accurate and precise measurements of the loads. They ensure that the trucks carrying the loads are not overweight. Since the construction industry transports materials of varying weights on the truck, it is important that the truck’s weight doesn’t exceed.

  • Portable Weighing Scales

Portable weighing scales can be carried and used in any location. They are extremely lightweight and portable.

This allows the construction workers to transport the scales easily. They can assemble them on the construction site and dismantle once the weighing is done. The portable weighing scales can be set up with ease on any surface.

They can withstand the harsh condition of a construction site as they are built from durable materials. The scales can be integrated with software for maximum precision.

Since these scales provide accurate readings, you can minimize material and financial losses.

Portable Truck Weighing Scales

  • Weighbridge Truck Scales  

A weighbridge is a heavy-duty truck scale that is designed particularly to weigh trucks, lorries and heavy vehicles.

Weighbridge truck scales are available as:

  • Surface-mounted which can be accessed via a ramp
  • Pit-mounted where the scales are at level with the road

You can use them in the rugged and demanding construction environment as they are made of steel or concrete.

  • Conveyor Belt Scales

Conveyor belt scales weight the materials while carried on conveyor belts.

They are designed to be installed on the conveyor belt with ease. They can be used outdoors, indoors or in warehouse settings. You can even use conveyor belt scales in tight and confined spaces with ease.

They can weigh light and heavy construction materials accurately and precisely. Their efficiency helps in increasing productivity and profitability.

Conveyor Belt Scales

  • Wash down Scales

The construction industry isn’t immune to dust, water and other substances. Additionally, it has rugged conditions, messy settings, damp environment or dirty surroundings. Not many scales can be used in such settings, apart from wash down scales.

They are ideal for the demanding conditions of the construction site. They can prevent liquids and particles from entering the internal components of the scale. Ingress Protection (IP) rating is used to determine the different conditions wash down scales can be used in.

IP ratings indicate the resistance the scales would have against elements like dust, water and the kind of cleaning it can handle. You can use these scales in a humid environment too. They resist spills and can be washed safely with a pressure hose.

Choose the right weighing scale based on the conditions and requirements of your construction site. Whichever scale you choose, ensure you calibrate them frequently. This assures accurate and reliable readings every single time.



Author Bio:

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