A Complete Guide to Find Good Quality Torx Bits Set on the Market

Tools Adviser reviews the top bits based on the price, features, features, and more to find the top products of 2019.

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One of the common tools is torx bits for any woodworker or contractor. We mostly know it as a star screw. It’s one of the helpful tools for any woodworking or construction project.

In this article, we will talk about the buying factors of best torx set, few top recommendations for the users along with some basic discussion. 

How We Found the Torx Bits for Impact Driver

Tools Adviser team collaborate with our guest author over here to create this guide for all of you. We research and check many products based on cost, features, using process and so on. Then came up with a list of top recommended product to help you out all. Before buying anything you can read our buying guide to know more and find the suitable one for you.





Ease of Use

Factors to Consider Before You Purchase

Every carpenter or construction worker has his toolbox. Having the perfect tool is the best accompaniment to the carpenter’s hands. It can make even the most demanding projects easier with the right tool. Aside from having the capability to purchase the tool, also know how each tool works so you can quickly determine the right one to use for your project.

Can you handle big projects that would require massive tools? Or are you more comfortable in dealing with small ones?

Construction projects and even DIY jobs can be easily accomplished as long as you know how to do them. If you are dealing with screws and bolts, a powerful impact driver should be able to do the job. With the right torx set, everything should feel like a walk in the park.

Before you buy your new set, here are essential things you should consider:

  • Durability: It is crucial that you trust the brand and the model of the set because this is one factor that would determine the durability of the product. It should last for many years especially if you were not using it all the time. Despite all the power and brawn of your impact driver, if it is not durable enough, then it will not hold. Some features you can look out for determining the durability of the tool include frames, magnesium gear cases, and other similar layers of protection. An all metal transmission can also extend the life and durability of the tool.
  • Torque Strength: The strength of the torque itself is necessary because this will determine the power and efficiency of the tool. Torx drivers usually have a number system you will quickly understand. This number is based on how large the head of the driver is. The larger the head is, the more powerful it can drive your screws and bolts. Some tools powered by hard-hitting motor parts that can deliver 531 in/lbs of maximum torque and 0-3,000 impacts per minute.
  • Precision Bits: Precision bits are additional features you can use depending on the project you will do. This is very convenient for you since you can interchange these bits with the original parts of the driver to adjust the precision of the tool. They can be purchased separately, but most of the time, they come in a package with your primary tool. If you will buy them separately, make sure they are compatible with the driver.
  • Material: Choose something that is made of light but durable material so it will be easier for you to carry it, and, you are sure that the tool is protected well. You can easily tell if the materials used were good just by inspecting the product. The material should be perfect for fastening and loosening even in tight spaces.
  • Brand: There is a lot of brands that sell this specific tools. If you are planning to buy one, choose that experts have reviewed and even by avid customers, so you will know what to expect. Usually, the brand is one determinant of a useful tool. There is a lot of trusted brands that have come out in recent years.
  • Weight: An impact driver was meant to be light and portable since it is a handheld tool. Because weight is a big matter. Choose that which is light especially if you are only going to do small projects. It does not mean that when something is heavy; it is already more powerful than the rest. Light impact drivers can also be very efficient. Try the tool first before you purchase it so you would know how it feels to drive screws and bolts.

Editor's Pick for Top Five Recommended Products

Neiko 10071A T8 - T60, S2 Steel

What we like:

  • The product is very affordable
  • Provides high-torque applications
  • Perfect durable case
  • Provide good angulation that will let you screw bolts perfectly

What we don’t like:

  • Might get broken with repeated uses
  • The tool is heavy, which may be because of its covering
  • The handle might be difficult to adjust

This set contains impact torx bits you will see in the market right now. It ensures its durability because of the S2 alloy steel that will protect it from damages and will extend its lifespan. You can also rely on its torque strength because it can deliver an excellent turning power with a mirror chrome finish. If you are working in tight spaces, you can also increase the precision of this tool using precision bits of various sizes. The bits are compatible with the different drivers, so you will not find it difficult to fit them.

TEKTON 1/4-Inch and 3/8-Inch Cr-V, E4-E18

What we like:

  • What you see is really what you get.
  • Lasts long because of the vanadium steel that has been used in manufacturing the outer layer of the sockets.
  • Nice finish and it looks sophisticated.
  • It can use with an impact gun to remove the bolts more quickly.

What we don’t like:

  • One issue that you might face is its weight.
  • Might be difficult to handle because of the steel covering.
  • Not the best idea to use it with an impact gun especially for repeated uses.
  • Not for heavy-duty projects.

This is the perfect Christmas gift to your friend who loves female star sockets. These can easily fit fasteners that are usually found on the different components of your drivers. It comes in excellent metal storage which helps in organizing the different sockets. It is made from premium chrome vanadium steel, making it durable. It finishes the sockets with a chrome plate. You can see from its exterior the intricacies that have been made to manufacture these items. You can use these sockets with ¼ inch and 3/8 inch drive ratchet or extension.

Anytime Tools 11 pc FEMALE Set w/RAIL

What we like:

  • It can use to install different parts in the car.
  • The set is very affordable.
  • It may use with different drivers.
  • Steel covering makes the pieces durable.
  • Materials used were soft that is why the bits are light regarding their weight.
  • Sockets were well made, without forging lines.
  • Size markings are also very prominent outside.
  • They were polished inside to give them a smooth touch.

What we don’t like:

  • Need to maintain the set to ensure that they would hold for extensive use.

If you need a toolset for a heavy duty application, this one is for you. It designed for the tools professional to provide you with bits that can help you manipulate Torx/Star male fasteners. The bits were also forged with Chrome Vanadium Steel and are finished with heat treatment. There are different sizes of drive sockets you can buy. The set was perfectly organized with a matched clip-on Storage Rail. Anytime Tools has completed the set correctly, with all the necessary sockets you would need for your project.

EPAuto Socket Set, T8-T60, Cr-V

What we like:

  • Bolts have a good grip on.
  • Materials are soft.
  • Not that hard to manipulate.
  • If you encounter problems with it, EPA to will provide you immediately with a replacement.
  • Sockets have been flawless.
  • Tight fit and sturdy case.
  • For random homeowner projects which would require torx bits.

What we don’t like:

  • Need to put a lot of torque on them especially for the T50 and T55.
  • Set is not complete, no batteries.
  • No conversion bits.

Are you looking for the perfect Christmas gift this coming holiday season? Look no more because if your loved one likes working with tools, then this set should be the best gift ever. It contains 13 pieces of bit sockets you can use for all of your projects. It has a Chrome finish, and the material used for the product is Steel. It is light, weighing only 1.25 pounds. It is one of the most famous sets right now because of the quality of performance it provides to the user.

JEGS 69-PC Magnetic Screwdriver Set

What we like:

  • It has everything you need, and all of them has the quality that is required to perform both light and heavy-duty functions.
  • Complete set for a very affordable price
  • Items is durable and light.

What we don’t like:

  • The tendency to break if flexed extensively.
  • An overwhelming number of screwdrivers you might not know the functions of.
  • Writing wears off easily.

This set epitomizes the complete set of drivers you would need for your construction project. Imagine having a set that contains 69 pieces? Yes, this set has that including 34 screwdrivers, 30 assorted bits, one magnetic bit driver, and four awls. It has rubber grip handles that would make it easier for you to manipulate the drivers. These parts are color-coded based on their use so you would not find it difficult to find what you need quickly. Similar to other products, it has parts which were made from Chrome Vanadium.

best Torx Bits set for impact driver

Is Star Drive the Same as Torx?

It confuses people whether Torx and Star Bits are the same? Technically, these two terms are interchangeable. The more common terminology that is used is Star Bits. Why is this so? If you would look at the appearance of a Torx driver, you see that in most instances; they have six sides and they look like a star. It has been the trademark of the tool, describing its screw head that is characterized by a 6-point star-shaped pattern. Since then, the term star bits has become popular. Do not be confused with these two starting from now since they are the same and have the same functions. Just remember the shape of a Torx driver, and you are good to go.

What are the Sizes of Torx Bits?

It comes in different sizes. Depending on what you need, you can use various sizes of torx bits in just a single project. Nowadays, tool sets come with varying sizes of these bits because they are more convenient for consumers. There are some who has the dimensions that are most common, including T5 through T10.  Some would include T30 to T55, giving you more freedom to choose which one to use. The smallest size you might encounter is T3, measuring only 0.046 inches and 1.17 mm.

Others would include larger sizes and made for heavy-duty applications. The price of the set would also, therefore, depend on the number of bits and the various sizes that are included in it. If you would only repair gadgets such as mobile phones, cameras, and laptops, you might need a few bits as compared to when you will deal with cars and other massive projects. It is essential; you know the sizes and what they can so you would know which one is appropriate to use.

You can quickly check out the sizes by looking at the writing on the bits. There are a lot of brands which have the numbers printed on the outside for the convenience of the customers. A good set would have these prints not easily worn out so you need not have to memorize and get confused with the driver you will be using.

What is the Smallest Torx Set Size and How do You Measure?

How did these sizes of torx bits come about? Well, there is a way by which it measures these bits. It measures them in a standard known as T-sizes that is why you will see in these bits the print T-3 to T-55. However, there are brands which do not have these prints on the exterior. If you encounter this problem, do not worry because you can measure it by using a ruler. You would only need a paper, pencil, and ruler to measure the sizes.

The steps are straightforward. You need to line up the ruler on the tip of the star-shaped screw and measure from one point to the opposite one. Just read the markings on the ruler and then record them on your paper. To know the exact size, you may use the charts online to compare the similar markings with the T-size. You may use either inches or millimeters, depending on which is more comfortable for you to use.

Knowing the right measurement of the screwdriver and bits is essential because it would make the construction and the project much easier. Also, the quality of the installation would be sturdier if you use the right size. Your screwdriver should match with the torx size. Check how long and thick the head slot is of your screw once you already have the package on your hand. You might not need all the sizes depending on which type of project you will work on. Some tool sets available in the market right now only have the most common sizes that are used in construction and DIY projects.

Final Verdict

Having perfect bit set is a must especially if you have a business. Purchasing one would not be difficult especially if you know what you are looking for. There are a lot of reviews online that you can read so keep yourself updated with the latest.

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