A Rubbermaid Storage Shed Is Ideal for Outdoor Storage

Rubbermaid Outdoor Resin Storage Shed

A Rubbermaid storage shed is one of the most durable and dependable storage sheds available today. The ease of assembly is an added benefit, and the simple, straightforward design allows them to be placed in nearly any neighborhood without becoming an eyesore. A built-in hasp adds security by enabling them to be locked, which makes Rubbermaid storage sheds secure against theft, as well as the weather.

Rubbermaid storage sheds are made from polyethylene, a durable plastic that will not corrode or deteriorate in inclement weather conditions. This makes them perfect for storing outdoor yard equipment, tools, or virtually anything that requires protection from the elements. The heavy-duty construction is also dent-resistant, which can keep them looking new, and it includes flooring that is impact-resistant, meaning that it will not be damaged when even heavy items are placed on it. Although most sheds will require assembly, the time from start to finish is usually around 30 minutes. The maintenance-free material also means that cleaning is easy, often requiring no more than spraying with a hose.

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Fact’s to Consider While Choosing Rubbermaid Storage Shed

While there are many styles to choose from when selecting a Rubbermaid storage shed, the horizontal shed is one of the most popular. These longer versions resemble oversize chests rather than upright sheds, and are equipped with double doors that swing out, allowing access to the entire space inside. Vertical sheds, on the other hand, look more like lockers, and have the advantage of allowing shelves to be inserted for more organization. The sizes can range from small 2′ x 3′ horizontal sheds to larger 6′ x 6′ vertical types, allowing options suitable for porches and patios, as well as standalone versions that can be placed in the yard.

rubbermaid storage shed

The colors of Rubbermaid storage sheds tend to be neutral, with shades of gray, white, or tan being the most common. These colors can work well with nearly any type of home construction and can fit into landscaping without looking severely out of place. The addition of built-in hasps also enables them to be locked for extra security, and many include a lip for the placement of a ramp, which makes it easy to roll large pieces of equipment in and out of the sheds. The costs can vary according to size and retailer, which makes shopping around the ideal way to compare both selection and prices.

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A Rubbermaid storage shed is an ideal outdoor storage solution, as the durable and maintenance-free material also provides protection against leaks, dents, and other damage caused by wear and tear. There are several shapes and sizes to choose from, with horizontal sheds being one of the most popular. The neutral color scheme allows them to work with nearly every type of home construction and landscaping, and the added built-in hasp enables them to be locked for extra security. Rubbermaid storage sheds are available at most home stores, as well as from several online retailers, which makes shopping around easy. A Rubbermaid storage shed has become one of the most recommended products for durable outdoor storage, with the reputation of both the name and the products continuing to grow.

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