Restore Hardwood Floors 101

Restore hardwood floors

Hardwood floors can give a room class and elegance, but over time, with you moving furniture around, with dust, water, and other factors chewing away on them, your floors will soon start to lose their looks and value. So you need to restore hardwood floors in a proper way.

A few scratches or widening gaps between the hardwood panels, or in some extreme cases, a broken panel can give your house’s room factor hell.

You’ll want to avoid something like this, but sometimes it’s just not possible. Even if you take excellent care of your hardwood floor, it might still develop some problems naturally.

For example, old hardwood floors tend to get bumps or get wavy around corners and this, in turn, causes other problems such as annoying and uncomfortable squeaks.

Of course, completely replacing the hardwood floors in your house is not always an option, for one it costs quite a lot if you have hardwood installed in several rooms and secondly, you might not be in the mood for all the work, noise and mess that you would have to endure. This is where knowing how to restore hardwood floors comes in quite handy.

But hardwood floor restoration doesn’t always have to be performed because of broken panels or scratches or what not. Even if your floor is excellent and is as flat and healthy as it was on the day you’ve installed it, it will still lose its shine over time.

That’s either because the coating the floor was covered with wears off, or because the wood itself gets old. In this case, you could opt to renovate hardwood floors in your house through polishing, to refinish or to stain.

Restore hardwood floors

One last question arises: should you try to learn how to restore hardwood floors by yourself, or should you go with hiring a professional? Well, hiring a professional will get the job done, but the costs can sometimes rise quite high.

Besides, you know what they say, if you want something done right do it yourself and this is perfectly fitting for fixing hardwood floors, where a lot of attention to detail is required. It’s not that hard to renovate hardwood floors by yourself anyway; it just takes a little ambition and enthusiasm.

Most of the tools and accessories you will require when restoring your floors you probably already own, but in some cases (for example when sanding hardwood floors) you will need some special equipment that is specific for these kinds of situations.

You can either go out to a hardware shop and buy the stuff or only rent it out for a day or two because you won’t need it quite that often.

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