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Unbiased best power tools buying guide, safety tips, instruction for all of you.

Here on we will be reviewing the tools based on availability, quality, and pricing as well as letting you know how they work and what jobs they are best utilized for.

If you are a woodworker or a mechanic or construction worker, no matter what you need power tools in your regular work. For a newbie, who just started working on this profession or doing it just for passion, he or she needs some guidance. Because dealing with power tools is not an easy task. Also, you need to know lots of factor before buying a tool. And if you are reading this, that means you landed in the right place. Tools Adviser gather some power tools buying guide and information to help you out before buying any tools.

You will get different helpful tips, guides, and reviews of various power tools from my website. I tried to highlight the most common issues people face every day buying their devices and maintaining it. From my blog posts, you will learn how to keep their tools safe and clean.

You will need to learn lots of things about any tools. Improper knowledge of different tools may lead you to different types of problems later. So, knowing the specific activities and features of the various tool is necessary for any woodworker or mechanic.

Things to consider

You need to check few things before buying any kind of power tools. We are going to discuss about it in short at below –

As for availability, we want it to be easy for most anyone to have access to these tools, so the ones that will be reviewed are available through You can purchase most of them through the big box retailers like Home Depot and Lowe’s here in the United States. If they are not located in your country, then maybe you can order the ones you want through Amazon.

  • Brand

One thing to think about is which brand do you prefer. In most cases you will want to stick with that brand and battery style as you buy more tools, because the battery packs are interchangeable. Be careful because within brands for the different lines of the tools like Makita’s 12 Volt versus their 18 Volt and even the 18 VX2, they all take a different battery and charger. This way if you plan which brand you like, you can always use the same charger for the batteries, or otherwise, you will have to make sure that any new tool you buy has a battery and charger to fit it.

  • Quality

To address the quality of power tools, the company that manufactures the tool must stand behind the products that they produce. A good warranty or guarantee is essential. As we all know, how a tool stands up to the use that it gets depends on how it is used. This could be that someone only uses it after a long day at work or on weekends as a weekend warrior. Others may give these power tools heavy use on the job sites every single day of the week. Another thing to consider is the conditions that the tools get used in. Are you out on roofs in the heat of the summer using them? Are the job sites dusty, gritty, and dirty? How about moisture – Is it humid or are you out in the rain a lot or do you store the tools in a damp area like a basement?

  • Pricing

With pricing there are a few factors to think about. One is again the quality. If you just want something to get a single job done and you aren’t worried how long it will last, you may not worry about the cost. Maybe you can’t afford high quality now, but you still want some specific tool to use, so you are looking at a lower price and quality range. Here I am mostly going to concentrate on battery powered tools because they are much better than they used to be.

  • Batteries

The higher voltage batteries give more power to the work you are doing and hold a charge for a long period of time, but the more premium batteries do cost more. One thing to think about if you buy just one tool at a time is what is referred to as ‘bare’ tools. This is when you buy a tool that uses a battery, but the tool does NOT come with the battery. Therefore, when you compare prices some tools appear cheaper, but they really aren’t.

I personally have found the DeWalt and Makita brands to be the ones that are durable and have worked best for me. I have used these since they first started using the battery packs. Way back then the duration that the batteries had didn’t quite last long enough, but now those batteries are another story and last a very long time! I have always found those extension cords to be a pain in the you-know-what; they are also extremely dangerous near water, tripping people up, cluttering up a job site, easily cut when using things like a circular saw, plugs coming disconnected if they aren’t ‘knotted’ right, etc., so using these cordless power tools increase the safety factor immensely.

You can buy tools one at a time as your needs arise, but if you have the foresight to realize what you will need, buying the tools as a bundle is usually an extremely good deal. You may want to start out by just picking up a drill with a battery and charger. Then you can add to this by buying bare tools as your needs expand since you already have the battery and charger. In the carousel below, you can find many individual bare tools to add to your toolbox. On some of the other website’s pages, we will be checking out many different bundles available, so you can see what is in each. Most of them can be bought as bare tools too.

Power Tool Benefits

Few inventions have had the singular and historic impact of the power tool.  A direct result of the late 1800’s electrical motor advancements, the power tool has found a lasting place in the hearts of those who work and toil with their hands by saving time, energy, and money.  Today, nearly every hand tool except the hammer has been surpassed by a more efficient power tool model; and it’s a wonder why anyone uses hand tools any more at all.

Companies like Black & Decker, Skil, Bosch, and Makita have collectively perfected the portable power tool, while Ridgid and Delta have crafted some of the most powerful stationary tools the world has ever seen.  Other brands, like Craftsman and DeWalt, offer a full line of both stationary and portable power tools.  The result?  Pure efficiency.  Corded or not, power tools have paved the way to faster and easier product shaping, building, and assembly worldwide.

Corded portable power tools pack more muscle than any person alone could muster, and make tedious tasks like drilling holes, driving screws, and cutting wood on-the-fly quick and easy.  This cuts down work time and makes everything from shelving to housing and remodeling more affordable; and simultaneously saves worker wear and tear for increased employee efficiency.  The same can be said of stationary tools like bench planers, lathes, grinders, and sanders; which eliminate the need to tirelessly run a hand tool over the same piece of wood time and again.

Cordless tools have made life even easier by offering the ultimate in portability.  With advanced, long-life and powerful battery systems available, cordless tools let consumers and builders move quickly through projects without having to waste time searching for an electrical outlet or extension cord.  An extra battery means workers can always have a power on-the-go; and some of the larger brands have even introduced multi-use systems that run off the same type of battery so switching between portable circular saws, drills other cordless power tools is a cinch.

Power tools haven’t only helped the woodworkers and contractors; electric screwdrivers are perfect for quick and easy fixes around the home and have made it easy for men and women alike to tackle tasks like furniture and toy assembly, shelf and picture frame hanging, and a whole slew of other household chores.

New, ergonomic and lightweight designs have hit the power tool market, making it easier than ever to carry around a driver drill or circular saw comfortably.  The ability to drive many, many more screws per minute than what would be possible with a handheld screwdriver alone makes these power tools well worth their relatively low prices; but the added benefit of not having sore wrists and fingers adds untold value to the modern power tool.

Simply put, the power tool has ultimately alleviated workforce conditions, simplified tedious tasks, and improved the quality of life for millions of laborers and homeowners worldwide.  Heated competition between the largest manufacturers has improved the design and efficiency of power tools; a trend that can only be expected to continue to make hard work easy for decades to come.

Keep Yourself Safe When Using Power Tools

The best way to get a job done fast is to use the right tools. If you’re doing some do-it-yourself construction or repair tasks, and if you have the enough know-how, then you should use power tools since they make you more efficient.

However, you should also remember that they can pose a work hazard if you don’t know how to use them correctly. Amateurs who are used to working with hand tools may have problems trying to use more advanced equipment. Some of the more common injuries include cuts, wounds and eye injuries, while there are also more serious injuries that include impaling or even amputation. Therefore, you must really keep safety in mind when using equipment such as these. Here are some tips that you must remember.

First, use only a tool if you have the proper training for it. Don’t assume that just because you can handle an ordinary screwdriver, it means that you can operate the electronic version without any problems. Ask someone for help or read the manual thoroughly before trying to use it.

Second, make sure that the tool is in order by inspecting it closely before every use. Check for loose or missing parts, examine all the safety guards, make sure that the blade is not loose, and inspect the cord and body for cracks, cuts or any other damages. Make sure that the tool’s power switch as well as the shut off function is working properly so that you can easily shut it off in case of an emergency.

Third, use the right tool for your job on hand. Don’t use a small tool for a large job, or a circular saw for a delicate, fine cutting job that would normally require a reciprocating or jigsaw saw.

Fourth, use only tools of a high quality. Because of the potential danger, you shouldn’t go for low quality, cheap power tools that could fall apart. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you should spend hundreds of pounds on overpriced equipment. The best thing you can do is search online for high quality power tools for sale that you can purchase for less.

Fifth, whenever you are operating a tool, make sure you wear appropriate clothing. Don’t wear loose clothes or jewelry that could be caught. This can minimize or even prevent accidents from happening. Don’t forget to put on your eye and ear protection (goggles and muffs) as well.

Power Tools Get Tough Jobs Done Quickly and Easily

Do you feel like a dog on a limited leash when working with normal tools? Well, it’s about time to disentangle yourself from those messy cord extensions and get yourself an assortment of power tools sets.

There is a great selection of power tools kits for all your repair and construction purposes. These include drills, sanders, screwdrivers, hammer, circular saws, and many more tools for every application. They are a convenient carry-around tools in the workplace or around your home. Their uses are limitless, and no task is too tough when they’re around.

When power tools first hit the market in the late 1980’s, they were exceedingly expensive in comparison with the normal or any manual tools we used to work. Nowadays, prices of power devices have gone down a bit due to competition, but their ease of use makes up for the extra price the consumers have to pay.

Although power equipment is designed for high-end builders and construction personnel, these tools have found their way to handymen and woodworkers who constantly need to carry their tools around. The higher price tag is seldom an issue as their portability and precision far outweigh the extra cost.

Most power tools are still regarded by the public sector as some sort of luxury item. Most homeowners can’t justify buying one since most of their standard (and cheaper) corded tools are adapted to a nearby wall outlet or extension cable.

Power equipment makes most construction and repair jobs a breeze. Before purchasing one, be sure that your need for it far exceeds its price disadvantage.

Today power tools allow us to accomplish much more in less time and with less effort in doing the work. However, there are so many types and makes of power tools available that most people do not know what power tools are capable of accomplishing. How do you use a miter box? What is a router? How much should I pay for this power tool? Why should I buy this power tool over that one? These are the types of questions are asked by the beginning hobbyist when confronted by the selection of power tools available.

We will try to answer these questions and hopefully some that have not occurred to you as well. You will find in the following articles, information that will help you to make the proper selection of the power tools you need to finish the project you want to start. You gain some idea on how to use the power tools safely and successfully. You will find out that power tools will help you to finish more with the time you have available.

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