Basic Tips About Polishing Hardwood Floors

Polishing Hardwood Floors

About Polishing Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors add a lot of value to a household, and they can create a kind of comfort and mood that no other floors can match. However, they have a significant flaw; as in time, they tend to lose their good looks and miss out on the one thing they’re perfect for giving your room the shine you always wanted.

Fortunately, unlike many other household items and parts, you don’t need to replace your hardwood floor entirely when it starts losing its value: you can only polish it up and get its shine value to match that of installation day.

To make your hardwood floor polish process effective, you will have to go through three separate steps: cleaning it up, buffing it and applying the actual polish (finish).

Clean Up

One of the worst enemies of hardwood floors is water and water-based solvents, so whatever you do, avoid using them in the cleanup process. Instead, you could use a non-water-based commercial hardwood cleaner to take out harder stains.

The dust and larger particles can be dealt with using a vacuum and a broom, and in the worst scenario, where your floor is filthy, you could use a stiff nylon scrub brush to get those annoying stains out.


Paste wax is longer lasting and produces a high shine, but it’s harder to remove in later stages, and you might have trouble refinishing the floor.

The polishing solution will still have to be removed if you want to refinish the floor later on, but it’s easier to remove than wax, so it’s ultimately your choice to balance out which one you’ll be using.

Polishing Hardwood Floors

You can apply the wax or solution by hand, tackling each section at a time. Just make sure the floor is dry and clean before using it. Otherwise, you’ll have trouble applying the polish.

How often you need to apply this kind of hardwood floor polish depends on the type of floor you own, its age and the amount of traffic that it needs to support on a daily basis.

Usually, if you want your floors always to be shiny and clean, applying the polish once every year would be great.

In a household, once every 2 years works just as well, but only the same, in an office environment for example, where a lot of people walk on by without caring too much for the health of the floor they’re stepping on, you will probably want to reduce the downtime between polishes to 6 months or so.

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