How to Use a Jigsaw Properly – An Infographic

Cordless Jigsaw tools

How to use a Jigsaw

Perhaps there is no other useful working tool in the hands of a woodworker like a jigsaw. It is useful because of the versatility. You can use it for a number of purposes. But you should know how to use a jigsaw properly at the first point.

Jigsaw is a really powerful tool for any woodworking project. It is also mostly used tool for any woodworker. But if you don’t know how to use it properly it might cause an accident. So before using it, you need to educate yourself properly.

This tool is useful in cutting different kinds of products such as wood, metal, PVCs, and most importantly, you can employ this tool when you want to straighten a curve or when you want to make a curve and so on. It is not surprising that there are various models on the market. It is because of the rush in demand.

You have just seen that cordless jigsaw is the most important tool in any workshop, but before you can derive those benefits, you must first learn how to use the product. It is not an all-comer affair; you must learn the basics of it before you use it.

The basic thing that you need to know about the product is the basic components you should expect from it and here are some of them.

The first thing you need if you want to use the product is the right blade. There are different kinds of blades on the market; you have to research to discover the best blade you can use for this. The best is a carbon steel blade. It is recommended because it can cut through different materials including PVC and so on.

Another thing you need to know about the product is the battery pack. If you want to use the product cordless, then you have to use the correct battery back as it would not work without a battery. You have to charge the battery to full capacity to enable it serves you for a longer period.

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Most importantly, you must always put on safety materials to protect yourself before you use this machine. The best of such materials to wear include facemask. It can protect your face and other parts of the body like the eyes, nose, and mouth and on. You must learn how to protect yourself before you use the product.

Before you cut, you must always draw a line. This makes for precise cutting. You have to look for something that can aid you in doing this. Because of that, you can consider straightedge or you can use a compass. This will be helpful as you can trace the line you want to cut and achieve a precise cutting.

Most importantly, you must learn how to cut using the cutting machine. Learn how to squeeze the trigger and hold it until you are done with the cutting. If you do not know how to cut with the jigsaw, then it will be extremely difficult for you to use it.

While you are cutting, you must guide the blade. Since you have drawn the line, it is important that you do not depart from the line when you cut, and the best way to do that is the guide the blade to ensure that it follows the line. You have to do that at the beginning and it will be easy to follow subsequently.

If you learn how to use a jigsaw, then you can cut almost anything that comes your way. It is versatile and it is highly recommended.

How to Use A Jigsaw properly with 7 basic steps

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