Creating Your Own Circular Saw Guide

best circular saw guide rail

If you’ve ever tried to do a freehand cut using a circular saw, you know that this task is a bit harder than it looks. Sure, there are those people out there who have worked with tools for years, that can make it look simply, but even they rely on a little help now and then. A circular saw guide rail is a great accessory to have when you must make a nice, straight cut. You don’t have to buy a guide, either, you can easily build one at home. You’ll become much more proficient when cutting by having a guide handy.

How to Make a Circular Saw Guide Rail?

Here are instructions for building a basic, circular saw guide for long, straight cuts:

  • Head to the hardware store to pick up supplies. The fence of this guide will require a 1×4 that is 8′ long. Get the straightest board you can find, and don’t be afraid to compare boards to get the best one. While you’re at the store, get an 8′x12” strip of ¼” plywood. You should also pick up some small screws that are shorter than the combined thickness of the board and the fence.
  • Lay the two pieces of wood on top of each other, with the plywood on top. Make sure they are parallel and. make sure the ends of both pieces are flush and then connect the plywood to the 1×4 with the screws that you purchased. Put in a screw about every 8”.
  • Cut away any excess of plywood that extends further than 6”.

Now, when you must make a long cut, you measure both sides and make your marks, line up the side of the guide, clamp both ends of the guide, position the boot of the saw against the plywood and cut away. The saw should follow the long, straight line of the guide the entire length of the cut.

Here are some video guide you might check –

Video Credit – This Old House

Video Credit – Modern Builds

This is a very simple tool to make, and it will help you to make precise, straight cuts on longer pieces of wood. You can purchase metal guides, that are a little fancier at the hardware store, but this basic model will work for most situations and it costs almost nothing to make one.

As always, take your time and be careful when you use your circular saw. Even though you’ll be using a guide, you still must pay close attention to avoid getting injured. You’ll find getting big pieces of lumber cut straight is a lot easier when you use your new guide instead of trying to do it freehand.

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