How to change a circular saw blade

How to change a circular saw blade

Circular is a brilliant power tool for making cuts through different materials like wood, metal, etc. Though most of the circular saw comes with blades, some of them only come with the motor only. But if you want to make different cuts efficiently in different angles using specialized blades, or replace your older ones, it is essential that you know how to change a circular saw blade in the right way.

For changing the saw blade properly, along with following the basic steps of changing the blade, you need to go through the instruction of your power tool too. If you are not sure about which blade will fit right with your tool and guide rail, you should go through the instruction as well as contact with your dealer for additional info.

Steps of How to Change a Circular Saw Blade

  • Step 1: –

One thing that you should never forget while managing power tools, safety comes first.

So before changing the blade, always unplug the power cord of your saw to avoid sudden powering up the gear. If it is a cordless saw, remove the battery and then proceed with the changing blades.

Not only with the blades, but also with any other tools, and fittings make sure you have unplugged the cord or removed the battery.

  • Step 2: –

Before changing the blade, place the saw on a flat or wooden surface and pull back the blade guard to keep it in front of your sight.

You need to know all the details of your saw mechanism properly. Most of the saw comes with an arbor lock button on the saw. The arbor if space where the blade sits on, so locking it will hold the screw/nut in place. You have to engage the locking mechanism by rotating the blade. So keep it steady, always press down the arbor locking.

If your saw doesn’t have any arbor lock, all you have to do is to press the blade into a wooden surface to hold it for the next step.

  • Step 3: –

In this step, you will need a blade wrench to remove the arbor nut. You will have to be careful about holding the blade in place. Lose the nut and turn the wrench in the direction your blade cuts through.

  • Step 4: –

After removing your old blade, place your new blade onto the arbor. Place it rightly on to the previous place, and tighten up the nut using your wrench in the direction that your blade will cut through. If you are confused about the direction, follow the arrow on the blade or guard.

But be careful not overtightening the nut, as the nut tends to get tighten up while making the cuts.

Moreover, overtightening the nut snugs will make it difficult for you to loosen up the blade and changing it.

  • Step 5: –

After checking everything, replace the battery or connect the cord and test it on scraps to make sure everything is attached rightly.

This way, you will be able to avoid excess vibration, and secure all the attachments and make your desired cut.

Don’t forget about your old blade, after installing the new one. If you want to dispose of it or store it for other uses, follow the right procedure.

Circular saw blade direction

While operating a circular saw, the blade direction and rotation is a crucial point. If you are changing the saw blade on your own, it is necessary that you know the right direction that your blade cuts through. Otherwise, doing it wrong will make your blade spin in the wrong way. And you won’t be able to make cuts with it properly. Usually, the points of the blade teeth should rotate the tips first.

Most of the blades have a mark of arrows on it, or on the guards where the users can easily know the direction of rotation for proper installation.

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