Dos and Don’ts in Hardwood Floor Care

Polishing Hardwood Floors

During the life of your hardwood floor, it will have to go through some pretty rough challenges and most of them will be caused by you.

Cleaning is one such example, and hardwood floor care is another.

Usually, caring for hardwood floors and keeping them clean is a difficult job, not necessarily because they’re hard to clean (on the contrary) but because you will have to be very careful not to ruin your floor by using the wrong cleaning technique.

Here is a couple of Dos and Don’ts related to the maintenance of hardwood floor:

Do ’s in Hardwood Floor Care

  1. Careful when you are using water to clean your hardwood floor. Make sure to clean up if there any drop of water remains with dry clothing. Water is the big problem for the hardwood floor. So you have to be cautious while cleaning with water.
  2. Brush or sweep the floor regularly. Use a broom or brush which will not create any scratch on the floor.
  3. Use vacuum often to clean the floor gap between each plank. Brush or sweep can’t wipe the dust or dirt which gather up in the plank gap.
  4. Always use the rug to cover the floor from spills.
  5. Sunlight can damage the floor. So try to protect it by using drapes.
  6. Careful while moving your furniture in the room. Make sure not to create any scratch on the floor.

Don’ts in Hardwood Floor Care

  1. Don’t let water on the floor while washing it. Clean up immediately if you see any water on the floor.
  2. On a waxed floor don’t use the mop for cleaning.
  3. On the hardwood floor don’t try to use the vacuum cleaner with beater bars. It might create the scratch.
  4. Hard brushes might damage your floor. So don’t use it.
  5. If you see any gap between planks doesn’t try to do it anything by yourself. Call an expert to fix the issues.

Hardwood floor care

If you manage to stay in between these little rules for hardwood floor maintenance, you should be fine. Most of them are common sense, so they shouldn’t be too hard to avoid if you’re even the least concerned with caring for hardwood floors.

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