DIY: Picnic To Go

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Yesterday we shared some of the highlights of our backyard picnic party and today ToolsAdviser going to show you how to create the mason jar table settings that we made for everyone’s drinks and utensils.  These are a convenient make-ahead project for a picnic because they allow everyone to have their own setting in a sweet little package and their easy to transport.

For this project, you’ll need mason jars, paper straws, utensils (we used bamboo and only needed forks for our dinner), paper or cloth napkins, twine, and scissors.  We did twelve place settings for our picnic.

I used long rectangle paper napkins for mine.  Lay your napkin out flat unfolded into a long rectangle.  Place the straw and utensils at a diagonal at one end of the napkin.  Fold the corner of the napkin over and tuck it under the straw and utensils to secure it.  Roll the napkin around everything and tie with a bit of twine.  Getting the right shape with your roll takes a little bit of practice, so your last ones may look better than the first!

mason jars_2

Place each rolled table setting into a mason jar, setting the lids aside.  That’s it, go enjoy your picnic!


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