DIY: Geometric Painted Tote Bags

This week we’ve been talking all about getting out of town and going on an adventure. Well, it just so happens that I will be headed to the beach this afternoon with a group of my girlfriends for a quick getaway. In honor of our beach adventure Toolsadviser wanted to create a quick and easy DIY that we could all use to carry our towels, drinks, sunglasses, and whatever else down to the water. So I got some simple canvas bags, used blue painters tape to lay out some geometric designs and started painting! The acrylic craft paint on the canvas dried in no time, just be sure to put some paper or a paper bag inside so your tote doesn’t stick to itself from the wet paint.

Triangles, stripes, chevron, or any geometric pattern is perfect for this project. These bags will definitely come in handy while we travel, after the beach, I’ll be able to use mine all summer. If you’re feeling crafty this weekend or have plans to go out of town any time soon, this is a perfect day to accessorize your travels.




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