All You Need To Know About Cleaning Your Hardwood Floors

Staining Hardwood Floors

About Cleaning Ideas for Hardwood Floors

There are lots of things you need to know when it comes to maintaining and cleaning your hardwood floors. So, if your hardwood floors are giving you problems regarding cleaning, then let this article be your guide. Here we enlist six quick cleaning ideas for hardwood floors.

The type of finish on your hardwood floors is what usually determines how far you can effectively clean your hardwood floors. There are hardwood floors with surface and wax finishes, and depending on the kind of finish on your floor, cleaning your hardwood floors can be successful if you know the type of finish on them.

Aside from knowing the type of hardwood floors, you must also ensure you clean your floors with the cleaning solution recommended by the manufacturer. Doing this will not only maintain the brightness of your hardwood but will also make it last longer. This means you will also save lots of money that would have been spent on replacing hardwood floors now and then in your home.

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If the hardwood floors in your home come with surface finishes, then always make sure you wipe out stains quickly with a damp fabric the moment you noticed the stains. When handling stubborn stains, the best thing you should do is always to clean the stain gradually. To do this, get a slightly damped cloth with the recommended solution and use it directly on the stain. Do this regularly, and before long the stain will fade away.

Another thing you need to know about cleaning your hardwood floors is to avoid washing them with petroleum-based cleaning products. You should desist from using petroleum-based solutions on water-based finishes; as doing this will tarnish the surface of your hardwood floors and leaves residues of the substance on them. So, never use any product that is not compatible with your floors.

By way of conclusion, cleaning your hardwood floors should not pose any more problems for you after reading this article; but if your issues are not addressed in this article. Consider visiting or joining online forums, which are dedicated to hardwood floors. There you can learn more and even teach others as well.

How to Clean Wax Based Hardwood Floors

Cleaning and maintaining hardwood floors can sometimes pose lots of difficulties for the owners. If you are probably having the problem cleaning your floors, especially if you don’t know the kind of finish on them, it is essential you know the kind of finish on your hardwood floors, if you want to be rewarded with a sparkling finish whenever you clean your floors.

If your hardwood floors finish wax based, then know that the best way to clean the hardwood floor is by frequently dry mopping it with an untreated dust mop. Also, to get the best from cleaning this type of floor, you will need to always use fine steel wool and a little amount of mineral spirit to remove the water spot. Doing all these will help you get rid of grit and other cleaning problems related to wax based hardwood floors.

cleaning ideas for hardwood floors

More so, depending on the traffic, your hardwood floors often receive; make sure to place foot mats or rugs in the significant point of entrances to your house. Place protective pads under heavy objects or furniture to prevent scratches and dents from spoiling the beauty and elegance of your hardwood floors.

Finally, coupled with the cleaning tips mentioned in this article, make sure you use the recommended cleaning solution by the manufacturer of your hardwood floors. You should not use any floor cleaning solution that is not recommended by the maker of your hardwood floors. Don’t forget that the best way to clean your waxed based hardwood floor is by drying mopping the floor regularly using an untreated dust mop.

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Six Rapid Cleaning Ideas for Hardwood Floors

No one needs to be told that their home is the most precious property they have. With this in mind, you have to always keep your house clean as much as you can. There are occasions when you find it difficult to clean the floor, mainly if it’s the hardwood type. Well, this article has some cleaning ideas for hardwood floors for your consideration, do well to read it to the latter.

  1. Frequently sweep your hardwood floor with beautiful, soft bristle broom. At any time you encounter dirt or dust, mop the floor, doing this will not take much of your time and your hardwood floor will be taken care of quickly and its lifespan prolonged.
  2. Water is one of the harmful agents that will threaten the durability of your hardwood floor. The moment you spot a water spill on your precious hardwood floor, clean it instantly. Wet spills should be eliminated in no time with a vacuum. Ensure that the floor is completely dried else this will be the beginning of the ruining of your hardwood floor.
  3. Endeavor to vacuum your hardwood floor two times a week, though some homeowners favor this process once each week to lessen scratching. To prevent any form of scratch, apply the soft brush vacuum device.
  4. Try as much as you can to avoid wearing the high heel or heavy shoes on your hardwood floors as this can bring about unwanted dents.
  5. When organizing your furniture, avoid pulling them and other large appliances on your hardwood floor, instead get people to help you lift them. More so, clean your floor and get rid of dust or dirt carefully. Apply gliding pads for your furniture and slid thin all over your floor.
  6. Do well to place floor mats across all the doorways to prevent shoes from transferring dirt to your hardwood floor. With these hardwood cleaning ideas, you should be able to enjoy your hardwood floor for years without pains.

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