Cleaning and Maintaining Your Socket Set

How to Clean and Restore a Socket Set

Having the right set of tools is just the beginning of your responsibilities as a builder. Since these tools will not last forever, one of your responsibilities is to clean them every occasionally so you will preserve their quality. Maintaining your tools should be done regularly. Otherwise, the quality of its performance and efficiency will deteriorate. One of the most common tools you will use is the torx sockets set. These sockets are handy because they allow wrenches to perform different things. If not in its best form, the socket might not do its job well.

One of the most common issues you will face is rust. Although the pieces are covered with a suitable material, there will come a time they will rust when exposed to certain substances or other external factors. You need to know how you will remove this dirt.

How to Clean and Restore a Socket Set?

Here are the few ways to keep your socket set clean and properly maintained –

  • Soapy Water

The first thing you can do is to use soapy water to clean the socket. What is this soapy water composed of? It is simple. You need to mix dish soap and a gallon of warm water and then you are good to go. After which, you can already soak your tools into this mixture. To remove the dirt and grease, you need to scrub the tools with a nylon scrubbing sponge. Some forms of dirt are harder to remove so you need to be vigorous with scrubbing.

What’s right about this soapy water is that it does not damage the finish of the tools. This can preserve the quality of the aesthetics of your tools. Unlike other cleaning materials that contain toxic chemicals, using dish soap is a much safer choice. After scrubbing the tools, make sure you rinse them with fresh water. Check again if there are still damages or dirt that need to be removed. If there is none, then you may store them back on your toolbox. Do not forget to dry the tools before keeping them.

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  • Lubricants

Aside from using soapy water, you can also use certain lubricants that can also remove the dirt and grease from your tools. One example of which is WD-40. This is an essential component of your toolbox because whenever you need to remove something off your tools, this is the substance you can rely on. You need not to mix it with anything else. You need to spray a coating of the substance onto your tools and wipe them with a rag until they do not feel greasy anymore. An advantage of this substance over soapy water is that it gives an additional layer of protection to your tools from rust.

How to Clean and Restore a Socket Set

  • Lemon Juice and Baking Soda

If all else fails and there is still some dirt, you can resort to lemon juice and baking soda. These are powerful agents that can remove heavy dirt on your tools. However, one disadvantage of this is that it can be abrasive although it will still not automatically damage your tools. To avoid damages, make sure that the paste is thin but not too watery. This way, it will dilute the mixture in just the right amount. Also, make sure you spread the mixture evenly on all parts of the tool so it will not concentrate on only one part.

It is also vital that you rinse the tools well because these substances may stick and cause damages eventually when left unwashed. Dry the tools thoroughly after washing them with lemon juice and baking soda.

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  • Coca-Cola

Another unusual ingredient that is used to clean rust is Coca-Cola. Yes, since this is acidic, it can clean the dirt off your tools. What you can do is to soak the tools overnight in a container filled with Coca-Cola. After which, brush and rinse them with warm water. You will be surprised that even the most stubborn rust will be removed. As always, dry them before storing.
These are just some things you can do to clean your sockets. Keep them safe and clean!

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